Greece to turn page after program review, gov’t vice president Dragasakis says

The government is determined to conclude the program review in a way that will allow Greece to turn the page and speed up the government work, government vice president Yiannis Dragasakis said during a book presentation.

Dragasakis stated that April is a critical month as the Greek program review has and will be concluded and outlined the five most important issues; the program review to be concluded this month, to be feasible and realistic, to be accompanied by adequate financing, to provide for a clear framework in respect to debt settlement and be complete in order to remove uncertainty.

He also underlined that the government has implemented almost all fiscal measures and added that the successful outcome of the program review is everyone’s responsibility.

He also referred to the refugee crisis that Greece has to deal with. As he said, it is a great problem that we face as a society in terms of solidarity and humanism. The government vice president expressed optimism that the problem will appease in the current month.

“The EU-Turkey agreement will be tested in this period and we hope that the latest reduction in refugee flows is not temporary,” he stressed adding that vigilance is required. “We cannot relax as long as the borders are closed, as long as Europe does not actively show solidarity, at least all countries, and as long as the roots of the problem – war, instability and crises in the region – continue to exist.”