Greece records 2.270 bln euros primary surplus in 2015

Greece recorded a primary budget surplus of 2.270 billion euros in 2015, up from a surplus of 1.872 billion euros in 2014 but down from a revised budget target for a surplus of 3.257 billion, the Finance ministry said on Friday.

 The state budget, in a revised cash basis, reported a deficit of 3.530 billion euros in 2015, from a shortfall of 3.697 billion in 2014 and a revised budget target for a deficit of 2.573 billion.

 Net revenue amounted to 51.421 billion euros, down 3.1 pct from targets, reflecting non-collected revenue from the Eurosystem (ANFAs and SMPs worth 3.591 billion euros).

 Regular budget revenue totaled 46.589 billion euros, down 4.2 pct from targets in 2015.