Greece prepares next moves to conclude programme assessment

Τhe Greek PM Mr. Samaras discussed yesterday with Deputy PM Mr. Venizelos the next moves in light of the Paris talks deadlock and the EUroWorking pressure to conclude the final programme assessment within December.

Greece may ask for a short (i.e. less than one month) technical extension of the current memorandum so as to be able to end the review, receive the final €1.8bn disbursement and finalise the details of the ECCL-type precautionary credit line.

At the same time, it may consider some concessions to the Troika such as the transfer of some products and services from the 6.5% VAT bracket to a higher one.

Finally, the Greek government may also accept a new increased role for IMF in the post memorandum era, i.e. from the role of a technical consultant to a co-partner with EC in the ECCL precautionary support. Reportedly, these moves would help convergence with IMF and a faster completion of the final programme review.