Greece now ready to support Russian pipeline, MP stresses

Greece will offer its support to the local segment of Russia’s latest natural gas pipeline proposal for Europe via the south, an MP of the coalition’s junior partner, Independent Greeks, told Russian news agency Sputnik today.

“Yes, we are ready. Everything now depends on Russia,” Terence Quick, the Independent Greeks MP, told Sputnik, refering to the development of “Greek Stream”, as the prospective pipeline’s local segment has been unoficially dubbed.

Responding to a question on whether the newly re-elected Greek coalition will continue offering support to the pipeline’s development, Quick noted the government will offer long-term support for cooperation with Moscow.

“We will have a stable government this time that will remain in power for four years. Therefore, we can work together with Russia on investments. We must do it this time,” the MP stressed.

The European Union, seeking ways to reduce its dependence on Russian gas, has not fully embraced the Russian plan.

Syriza leader Alexis Tsipras called for snap elections last month, just seven months into his coalition’s four-year tenure, in search of a fresh mandate.