Greece mulls action to improve investment climate

The Greek economy ministry has drafted a series of legislative measures aimed at improving the regulatory framework for investors, based on the experience of two rounds of operation of a Development Law.
These interventions are based on four axes:
-First, the restructuring and improvement of financial support offered to investors, a move designed to deal with adverse financial conditions prevailing in the business sector, protecting public interests and helping to foster economic growth in the country.
-Second, offering additional capabilities to complete mature investment plans included in previous investment laws, such as extending a deadline for financial spending made by December 30, 2018.
-Third, creating a new financial support regime with the set-up of intermediate financial business risk organisation (Fund of Funds) jointly between the public and private sector.
-Fourth, further improving a regulatory framework for offering financial support to companies establishing activities in Greece through the creation of Business Services Centres/Shared Services Centre. There are around 150 foreign companies with established activities in Greece, some of them members of large multinational groups.