Greece-Italy grid link reopened amid market manipulation suspicions

The reopening, just days ago, of the Greece-Italy electricity grid interconnection, following a three-month closure for repair work on a submarine power cable segment close to the Italian shore, represents good news for market officials and traders as the anticipated higher electricity demand of winter draws nearer.

However, the frequency of closures of this interconnection has raised concerns among certain Greek market authorities who suspect that Italian officials may be involved in an orchestrated effort to manipulate market prices to their benefit, local pundits have suggested to energypress.

The interconnection was shut down for repair work between September 3 and November 30 following a scheduled one-month interruption between late May and late June for annual maintenance work.

The Greek-Italian grid interconnection had also remained closed for an even longer period late last year, between October 9 and December 16, once again for repair work.