Greece heading towards an exit from memoranda and supervision, Tzanakopoulos says

We have entered a new phase and the country seems to be heading towards an exit from memorandum programmes and supervision, while the economy’s growth momentum is being restored, government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos said in an interview with “Sto Kokkino” radio station on Thursday.
As Tzanakopoulos explained, the government is focused on stimulating growth while ensuring decent labour conditions and protecting labour rights. He also noted that the conclusion of the second programme review was followed by positive developments for Greece, such as a successful trial return to the markets and the rating agencies’ upgrades.
Tzanakopoulos said that the government has three main priorities for next year:
– Preparing the way for Greece’s access to the markets in August 2018.
– Proceeding with reforms and policies that support growth.
– Social protection measures, divided into two pillars: the protection of labour and building a new social state (reforms in the health sector, etc.)
“The government is taking advantage of the current momentum,” Tzanakopoulos underlined, adding that this will be demonstrated through a series of upcoming initiatives. The changes in the protection of labour rights, education and public administration will be followed by changes in local administration, he said.