“Greece better off outside euro zone” German conservative says

A leading lawmaker from Chancellor Angela Merkel΄s conservative bloc has described a Greek exit from the euro zone as a “great opportunity” for the country to bolster its economy, in the latest sign that German sentiment towards a so-called “Grexit” is shifting. 

According to Reuters, Peter Ramsauer, a former transport minister under Merkel and chairman of the economic affairs committee in the German parliament, wrote in top-selling German daily Bild on Monday that more muddling through with Greece made little sense. 

Although no longer a member of the government, Ramsauer is arguably the most prominent politician in Merkel΄s camp to come out in favour of Greece leaving the euro zone. 
Both Merkel and Schaeuble have said publicly that they do not want Greece to leave the single currency bloc. 

But top officials in Berlin have grown increasingly sceptical about the new Greek government΄s readiness to deliver on the reform pledges Germany believes are necessary to provide Athens with further financial support.