Greece΄s emergency plan on refugees

Greece has been lately receiving large inflows of war refugees which are expected to increase, according to UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees), government sources said on Monday adding that this is due to a number of factors related to the situation in the wider region.

According to AMNA, the same sources said that although the country is an entry point for refugee flows, the infrastructure in place is non-existent since the former Samaras government did not implement anything and left EU funds untapped although it knew that there would be emergencies.

According to the sources, the new government has already started working on an emergency plan while some abandoned government and army buildings have started being used as refugee camps. They added that dealing with the refugee flows requires the activation of the European mechanisms, to which the Greek government has turned to, and there has been a request, through the UNHCR, for the relocation of refugees from Syria to other countries.

The sources stressed that other parties should also submit specific and realistic proposals and not make use of the issue for petty politics.