Govt’ coronavirus-related economic plan voted in Parliament

Three acts introducing the government’s widely announced measures to fight the coronavirus pandemic and mitigate its repercussions on businesses and households passed Parliament’s plenary session on Thursday evening with a wide majority.
Besides ruling New Democracy, the measures were supported by Movement for Change/KINAL and MeRA25, while main opposition SYRIZA and Greek Solution voted “present”. The Communist Party voted them down.
Finance Minister Christos Staikouras, wrapping up the discussion prior to the vote, said that details per economy sector such as tourism would follow. In terms of revenues for March, he said, “To our surprise, we did not expect to deviate so little” from the targets. This means that “Greek citizens are showing a great sense of responsibility” by meeting their obligations. “We, on our side, will also continue with the same sense of responsibility, methodically and decisively, to take the country out of this unprecedented health crisis,” he said.