Government: The targets and the foundations for the Greek economy have been set

The targets and the foundations for the Greek economy for 2017 have been set after the voting of 2017 state budget, said government spokesman Dimitris Tzanakopoulos during his briefing to the press on Tuesday.
The government position is clear, he said. “It will not accept legislation of measures after 2018” he said and once again ruled out the possibility of early elections.
Tzanakopoulos noted that during the debate in parliament on the state budget made clear the distinction between the government and main opposition New Democracy (ND) positions.
“On one hand the government’s plan to defend the social majority, the completion of the second review and the restoration of the collective negotiations for the workers benefit and on the other hand ND leader Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ plan that seeks the interruption of the negotiations and the destabilisation in order to impose a harsh austerity programme that will charge it to the current government”.
Tzanakopoulos stressed that Mr. Mitsotakis’ plan will fail, “it will collapse as the success story that ND’s staff tried to revive collapsed during the debate in parliament”.