Government to proceed with online gambling regulation

According to, the government intends to put an end to the temporary licence regime in online gambling by implementing the relevant legislation dated back in 2011. The latter envisages the application of international tendering procedures for the awarding of 5-year licences. 

As a reminder, online operators currently offer their online product – including sportsbook – based on the transitional licences awarded in 2012 (to operators who had agreed to pay retroactive tax on revenues earned from Greece-based customers). Reportedly, the regulation of online gambling is included in the proposals the govt intends to present at the upcoming Eurogroup (Monday 9th March). 

The news is positive for OPAP, since it will result in a fair regulatory landscape contrary to the current situation where OPAP΄s sportsbook is disadvantaged due to several restrictions (e.g. bonus) that do not apply to the operators holding a temporary licence.