German-Spanish systems for local exchange’s PPA platform

The Greek energy exchange plans to shape its prospective PPA (power purchase agreement) trading platform based on German and Spanish systems, deemed as positive examples as they ensure greater liquidity and attract more investment interest, the Greek energy exchange’s new CEO, Alexandros Papageorgiou, told the recent Power & Gas Forum in Athens.

PPA platforms are digital markets that bring together RES producers with energy consumers interested in purchasing green energy.

These platforms highlight the most important aspects of respective green portfolios, such as power, technologies and production, providing potential buyers with information they need to choose from available options before signing bilateral contracts.

The Greek energy exchange also intends to significantly expand its gas trading platform by offering a range of new products, its CEO informed.

“It is important to know the needs of market participants,” Papageorgiou noted.

The local energy exchange is following a wider European direction taken by energy exchanges across the continent, which are increasingly relying on use of relevant tools available to reduce costs for consumers and offer smoother functioning markets.