German RES auctions open up to projects in other EU member states

The German government has offered its approval to an initiative that will soon open up the country’s RES auctions to investors planning projects in other EU member states.

The German energy ministry announced that 5 percent of the country’s annual RES auction capacity, or 300 MW, will, from now on, be set aside for auctions concerning projects to be developed in other EU markets.

This move was offered as a condition by the European Commission for its approval of Germany’s new legal framework for the RES sector.

Until now, foreign investors could only take part in pilot program auctions for photovoltaic systems.

Germany’s energy ministry has set three conditions. The German State will limit its funding of RES projects abroad to   EU member states funding RES projects in Germany. Also, bilateral agreements will need to be reached between participating countries and Germany. Thirdly, the electricity to be generated at facilities abroad will need to truly impact the German market.

Rainer Baake, state secretary at Germany’s Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, noted that the development promises to support the RES sector’s diversification, growth and balance.