Exchange’s day-ahead market growing, new products soon

The Hellenic Energy Exchange’s natural gas trading floor, launched eight months ago, has been positively evaluated for its operations to date and is steadily growing.

The natural gas trading floor was launched with eleven participants and now involves eighteen, plus the gas grid operator DESFA, significantly expanding its gas market presence.

For its part, the Energy Exchange has set as a key objective a further increase of transactions in the short term and, at the same time, registration of a greater number of participants.

At present, 5.5 percent of the total volume of natural gas distributed through the DESFA grid is traded at the Energy Exchange’s natural gas trading floor, the bulk of it as bilateral agreements between participants.

According to energypress, the Energy Exchange plans to further develop by launching new products next year.

It is worth noting that an increase in day-ahead contracts has been observed, not just for gas balancing, which is a good sign for the market’s liquidity and the further maturation and consolidation of the natural gas trading floor in the Greek gas market.

According to data presented by Dr. Christoforos-Anestis Zoumas, Acting COO & Director – Markets Operations of the Hellenic Exchange at a recent IENE conference, the share of the day-ahead market in terms of trading volume is 52.28% and is constantly increasing.