Gas players moving into electricity promise to reshape the market

The upcoming retail electricity market entry by gas suppliers, especially EPA Attiki and EPA Thessaloniki-Thessaly, both now also holders of electricity supply licenses, promises to reshape the country’s energy market.

The two EPA companies preparing to penetrate the electricity market already possess considerable clientele lists, both household and commercial, for gas supply in their respective regions.

Both prospective entries have the capacity to make unprecedented impact on the country’s electricity market, still dominated by the main power utility PPC, through combined electricity and gas packages for customers, pundits have forecast in comments to energypress.

From the other end, certain electricity market suppliers are seeking to enter the gas market. However, the profit margins offered by Greece’s gas market are far narrower than those being shaped in the electricity market.

Intensified competition is expected amid the toughening market conditions for the country’s electricity suppliers.