Gas fueled power units proposed for north Aegean

The use of natural gas-fueled power stations on Greece’s islands in the north Aegean represents the lowest-cost option for their upgraded electrification, while certain sustainable underwater power cable connection alternatives cannot be ruled out, a RAE (Regulatory Authority for Energy) study has noted.

A prospective project to replace high-cost diesel-fired power stations for electrification on the north Aegean islands is planned to begin this year.

However, authorities have yet to decide on the most optimal solution. RAE is currently seeking to forge a plan before making related decisions.

The aforementioned study highlights the need to develop interconnections for the remainder of Cyclades – interconnections here are in progress – as well as the Dodecanese.

RAE is further examining the north Aegean electrification upgrade plan in a study being conducted with the National Technical University of Athens seeking the most sustainable replacement of the existing diesel-fired power stations. The university team is expected to deliver its findings within the next three months. RAE will then start making decisions.