Gas distribution operator 5-year investment plans worth €788m

The country’s three gas distribution operators, EDA Attiki, EDA Thess and DEDA, covering Athens, Thessaloniki-Thessaly and the rest of Greece, respectively, have proposed investments totaling 788 million euros for the network’s development over a five-year period between 2023 and 2027.

Italgas, the new owner of the EDA companies, has set ambitious objectives to expand Greece’s existing gas distribution network in order to facilitate further market penetration of gas around the country.

The three gas distribution operators have been forwarded their network development plans to RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, for consultation.

DEDA, covering the country’s north, northwest, west, as well as the Peloponnese, has forwarded the biggest investment plan of the three gas distribution operators. It is worth 378.3 million euros and aims to increase the number of customers in these regions to 103,127 by 2027.

During this same five-year period, DEDA aims to develop low and medium-pressure distribution networks of more than 2,600 kilometers. This extension is expected to enable gas quantity distribution quantities of 4.7 million MWh for households and businesses in five years’ time.

EDA Attiki, covering the wider Athens area, has submitted a five-year network development plan budgeted at 159.59 million euros, its aim being to increase the number of customers to 531,939 from 430,147 at present.

EDA Thess has proposed a five-year network development plan for Thessaloniki worth 136.6 million euros for projects to include an additional 359.7 kilometers to the city’s distribution network, enabling an increase in the number of customers to more than 331,818 from 275,172 at present.

The EDA Thess network development plan for Thessaly is worth 113.9 million euros and expected to enable the number of customers in this region to reach 147,177 by 2027 from 118,512.