Fuel smuggling detection system not being fully utilized

The additional tax revenue potential offered by the installation of “inflow-outflow” data systems at service stations is not being fully utilized, sector officials have noted.

Full enforcement of an “inflow-outflow” data system, enabling the Finance Ministry to track petrol station fuel purchases and sales, has been slow. The system was legislated back in 2012.

Sector officials have noted that although the “inflow-outflow” system is able to track the trading activity at service stations, it has not yet been sufficiently developed to enable inspectors to focus their efforts on service stations displaying irregularities.

Digital connections between systems have yet to be fully developed. Traditional processing methods of emerging data are still being applied, which is depriving the “inflow-outflow” system of its full potential in the effort to clamp down on illicit fuel trade. A more focused operating system would make the effort far more effective, sector authorities supported.