Fuel sales down 2.8% in Greece for 9-month period

Gasoline, diesel and heating fuel sales – in volume terms – are continuing to fall as highlighted by a 2.8 percent decline for the nine-month period compared to the equivalent period last year, official energy ministry data has shown.

Paradoxically, this overall fuel sales drop in Greece coincides with record-breaking tourism industry figures. Locals have cut back on holiday-related domestic travel while many visitors from abroad are opting not to use vehicles during their stays, pundits noted. The increasing trend of all-inclusive travel packages offered by hotels is also believed to have affected domestic fuel sale figures.

Heating fuel registered the biggest drop, falling 23.7 percent during this year’s nine-month period compared to a year ago. Gasoline sales dropped 1.8 percent during the same nine-month period, while auto diesel fuel volume-based sales buckled the trend to rise by 3.5 percent.

September’s overall volume-based fuel sales figure was also down, falling by 3.6 percent compared to the equivalent month last year.

Gasoline sales registered a sharp 5.5 percent drop in September compared to the same month a year ago. The diesel fuel sales drop was milder, slipping 1.7 percent this September.