FM Dendias meets with US Ambassador Pyatt

Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias had a face-to-face meeting with US Ambassador in Athens Geoffrey Pyatt earlier on Friday, at the foreign ministry.
During their meeting, which Pyatt described as “long overdue”, there was a discussion on Greek-US cooperation on a wide range of issues of mutual interest, such as Libya, the Balkans and Syria, as well as on the next steps of Strategic Dialogue and collective action against the pandemic.
“Grateful for long overdue coordination [with] Nikos Dendias on our full range of shared interests around [the] region – Libya, Syria, Balkans, next steps on Strategic Dialogue [and] collective response to #COVID19. No substitute for face to face diplomacy [with our] close allies as we [#StaySafe],” Pyatt tweeted afterward.
A Greek foreign ministry tweet on the meeting noted that there was “[cooperation on regional developments, including the] situation in #Libya [and] #Syria, global fight against #COVID19 discussed”.