Brussels concerns delay flexibility remuneration mechanism

A government proposal for a transitory flexibility remuneration mechanism (TFRM) is being delayed by European Commission concerns, holding back progress despite a legislative initiative taken by the energy ministry to hasten the approval process.

The Greek government forwarded its flexibility mechanism proposal to the European Commission in December, requesting it remains valid over a transitional period. The request has obviously prompted concerns in Brussels, as suggested by an ongoing question-and-response procedure.

Many EU member states no longer use TFRMs. Prior to the request in December, Greek officials had informed the European Commission that flexibility in the country would be remunerated through the Target Model, once it is implemented, not separately.

Approval by Brussels is needed before Greece’s energy ministry can issue a ministerial decision formalizing the transitory mechanism.

The energy ministry, in an effort to limit the overall delay, has attached a related legislative revision to a wider draft bill covering environmental matters, now headed for parliament.

Otherwise, the ministry would need to submit a separate legislative revision to parliament once Brussels has given its green light. Such a course would further delay the mechanism’s implementation.