Five areas selected for first stage of offshore wind farms

Five areas marked out to host Greece’s first phase of offshore wind farms, planned to offer a total capacity of 2.1 GW, are located in the north and central Aegean, as well as off Crete.

The area in the north is situated off Alexandroupoli, three areas are close to mainland Greece and the wider Dodecanese area, while a fifth spot is off eastern Crete, at an area between Sitia and Xerokampos.

The area off Alexandroupoli is planned to host pilot projects offering a total capacity of 600 MW. The Copelouzos group secured a 216-MW production license for offshore parks in this area back in 2012. Contracts for their development will not undergo any competitive procedures as these projects have been classified as pilot projects.

The three areas chosen to host offshore wind farms in the central Aegean will each host wind farms with respective capacities of 300 MW for a total of 900 MW.  It has not yet been determined if these offshore wind farms will be located close to the mainland or in the wider Dodecanese area.

The wind farm off Crete, near the northeastern shoreline, is planned to offer a total capacity of 600 MW.

Environmental, spatial, social, economic and geopolitical criteria, along with wind intensity, a decisive factor determining the degree of return on investment, were taken into consideration when selecting the aforementioned areas.

Power grid operator IPTO has already delivered precise data on the grid absorption potential at each of these clusters. However, the plan still needs to be approved by the Hellenic National Defence General Staff.