Inaugural CAT flexibility auction planned by IPTO for next week

An inaugural auction offering CAT remuneration for a total of 4,500 MW of electricity output offering grid flexibility has been planned by power grid operator IPTO for September 28.

IPTO is expected to make an official announcement, including participation details, during the day.

The starting price at the upcoming CAT flexibility descending-price auction has been set at 39,000 euros per MW. The total amount to be paid to producers through temporary CATs for flexibility has been set at 175.5 million euros.

The transitional CAT flexibility mechanism, to remain valid until March, 2019, will be available to open-cycle gas-turbine technology facilities and combined cycle units, hydropower plants contributing to the grid, as well as combined heat and power (CHP) units for their output not remunerated through renewable energy support mechanisms.

Lignite-fired power stations have been excluded from the transitional mechanism as they do not meet flexibility criteria.

The transitional CAT mechanism model will be succeeded by the implementation of the target model, aiming for a single European electricity market.