Finalized unloading plan at LNG unit delayed by overdemand

An announcement of the Revythoussa LNG terminal’s finalized unloading plan for 2020 has been delayed until tomorrow by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, as a result of an unprecedented overdemand for capacity slots registered by importers.

Power utility PPC and Motor Oil Hellas, both missing out on places, according to an initial plan, have protested against such a prospect.

Participating companies were invited to submit their finalized bids on November 22 following the announcement of a temporary unloading plan. No changes were reported. This left PPC and Motor Oil Hellas off the plan without slots.

RAE, troubled by the resulting shortage of slots at the Revythoussa terminal, is looking for a solution, which prompted a deferral of the finalized plan’s announcement by gas grid operator DESFA, operating the LNG facility.

RAE has refused to approve the finalized plan and extended its announcement date to December 3.

Including PPC and Motor Oil Hellas on the unloading program for 2020 will be difficult to achieve without the cooperation of other firms, pundits noted.

The temporary unloading plan’s initial shape was determined through the application of standard rules and formula used by DESFA.

Players requesting bigger capacities are given priority, according to the current formula.

A sharp increase in slot requests, double the quantity compared to the previous season, has been registered for 2020.