Finalized RES auction list to be announced, changes wanted

An examination by authorities of investor appeals following the rejection of registration applications concerning upcoming RES auctions on July 2 have not led to any major changes to the final list of participants, sources have informed.

The finalized list of auction participants is expected to be published either today or tomorrow.

A considerable number of RES auction applications concerning capacities for large-scale photovoltaic projects were rejected as, in these cases, prospective investors failed to submit in digital form all appropriate support documents as they had done on paper. Virtually all of these rejections are expected to be upheld.

The total capacity of applications approved for small-scale PV installations totaled 91.6 MW and concerns 149 projects. A total of 28 applications concerning this sub-category were rejected. A total of 177 applications for 105.5 MW were submitted.

As for the large-scale PV category, concerning projects of between one and 20 MW, a total of just 52.9 MW for eight projects was approved. Applications for a total of 26 projects representing 144 MW were rejected in this category. A total of 34 applications for 197 MW had been submitted.

In the third category, concerning wind energy installations of between 3 and 50 MW, all 14 applications submitted, totaling 308 MW, were approved.

Renewable energy market officials are calling for changes to future auction regulations and licensing procedures.

“It is clear, regardless of the auction developments, that rules and procedures need to be changed if we truly want fast and robust renewable energy sector growth in our country,” SEF/HELAPCO, the Hellenic Association of Photovoltaic Companies, announced in a statement.

The association also noted that only a small number of PV projects are currently at a mature stage as a result of a misjudged decision taken by authorities in 2012 to freeze licensing activities in the sector for two years.

“We call on the energy ministry to promptly simplify licensing procedures so that photovoltaic project growth can be achieved,” SEF noted in its statement.

Leftover capacities concerning the July 2 RES auction will be reoffered to investors through an additional auction towards the end of the year. RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, is expected to make an official announcement on this in September.

According to SEF calculations, bidders representing 91.63 MW of solar energy projects will compete in the auction’s first category concerning solar energy projects less than one MW. Investors representing a total of 52.92 MW of solar energy projects will compete in the second category, concerning projects of between one and 20 MW, SEF estimates.

Terms implemented to ensure heightened bidding competition at the auctions require applications to oversubscribe amounts to be auctioned by 75 percent.

As a result, solar project investors representing 52.92 MW in the larger category concerning projects of between one and 20 MW will compete for 30.2 MW.

This is less than the 35.12 MW auctioned in this category at a pilot auction staged in December, 2016.