Farmers, mid-voltage groups gain most from ETMEAR surcharge cuts

Farmers stand to benefit most from a RES-supporting ETMEAR surcharge reduction decided by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, which averages 6.5 percent for all consumer groups but reaches 10.32 percent and 11.32 percent for low and mid-voltage farmer groups, respectively.

The authority has also decided to offer a double-digit 10.04 percent reduction of the ETMEAR surcharge, imposed on electricity bills, for mid-voltage consumption of less than 13 GWh per year.

On the contrary, a small ETMEAR reduction of 1.59 percent has been offered to energy-intensive industrial producers, whether belonging to the high-voltage or mid-voltage categories consuming over 13 GWh per year.

The ETMEAR decrease for low-voltage household consumption has been set at 8.48 percent.

These ETMEAR reductions will make little impact on electricity bill levels as the surcharge represents just a small fraction of billing amounts. However, consumers can expected mild energy cost savings during the winter as consumption rates increase.

It is estimated that households consuming levels of 1,000 KWh over four-month billing periods will save 2.1 euros, while households consuming levels of 3,000 KWh should save 6.3 euros over four-month billing periods.