Extraordinary tax on producer windfall profits to raise €460m

A new joint ministerial decision by the finance and energy ministers has introduced a formula for a temporary extraordinary tax on windfall earnings accumulated by vertically integrated energy groups during the nine-month period between October, 2021 and June, 2022.

The windfall tax, whose coefficient has been set at 90 percent, is expected to result in a collection of approximately 460 million euros.

The joint ministerial decision, published in the government gazette, overcomes a delay in the delivery of certified data by a certified accountant to RAE, the Regulatory Authority of Energy, as was foreseen in the original joint ministerial decision. It enables preliminary calculation by RAE, based on the uncertified data, so that a provisional extraordinary levy can be paid immediately by all electricity producers.

Specific amounts, and any corrections needed, will be calculated at a latter date, based on data that will have been certified.