Extra LNG order negotiated, no energy system problems found

The level of readiness of the country’s energy system to combat adverse weather conditions around Greece over the next few days, which is expected to increase energy demand, was examined at a meeting held at the energy ministry today between various sector officials.

The Athens News Agency reported that no adequacy problems were discerned for the coming days, despite the sustained high electricity demand around Europe, which has prompted an increase of electricity exports from Greece.

Though immediate concerns were not spotted, local officials at the energy ministry meeting did agree that vigilance needs to be maintained under the current conditions.

The continent’s current energy alert was prompted by the temporary closure of nuclear power stations in France. The urgency had begun deescalating but the colder weather has reignited energy concerns.

The main power utility PPC has made available all hydropower station production to the grid, while lignite-fired power stations are operating at full scale.

Higher demand for natural gas in Greece, both at household and electricity production facility levels, prompted DEPA, the Public Gas Corporation, to order a large 130,000 cubic-meter LNG load from Algeria on December 26.

DEPA is currently also negotiating the shipment of an additional load from Sonatrach, the Algerian state-run energy company, for arrival within the first few days of the new year, prior to the planned arrival, on January 9, of a 73,000 cubic-meter order.

DEPA has also made two further LNG orders from Algeria for next month, both measuring 120,000 cubic meters, and expected on January 20 and 30.