Export limit among factors seen subduing NOME prices today

Export limits imposed by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, on electricity amounts acquired by bidders at NOME auctions are expected to play a fundamental role in subduing prices at today’s first session for the year, despite the relatively modest electricity amount of 350 MWh/h offered and the currently elevated System Marginal Price (SMP), or wholesale, levels.

The new NOME electricity export limits, being implemented for the first time today, will severely limit the ability of players to transmit amounts to regional markets.

Lower price levels in neighboring markets, where SMP levels are currently lower than they are in Greece and are expected to drop further as a result of greater hydropower output generated by heavy rainfall this winter, are also expected to play a role in restricting Greek electricity export activity.

A third factor seen keeping NOME prices low today is the main power utility PPC’s seemingly failed attempt to sell its lignite-fired power stations at Megalopoli and Meliti, a bailout-required disinvestment. If speculation of the sale’s failure is made official, electricity amounts at the ensuing NOME auctions will not be reduced.

Today’s NOME price level stands no chance of reaching the lofty level of 54.74 euros per MWh registered at the previous auction as a result of the three aforementioned factors, pundits have asserted. Instead, they forecast a forty-something price level.