Exploratory contacts between Greece and Turkey resume in Athens

Exploratory contacts between Greece and Turkey will resume on Tuesday in Athens ahead of the EU summit on March 25-26 during which Josep Borrell, High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, will present a report on the state of political, economic and trade relations between the EU and Turkey, as well as relevant tools and options.
More specifically, the two delegations will continue the talks of the 61st round, held on January 25 in Istanbul, to explore points of convergence for possible future negotiations on the delimitation of the continental shelf and the EEZ in the Aegean and the Eastern Mediterranean based on international law.

The Greek side has underlined that it is taking part in the exploratory talks with confidence, “good faith”, a spirit of cooperation and a constructive attitude. It has repeatedly made it clear that the contacts were and remain exploratory, adding that it is an informal non-binding channel of talks between the two countries.