EVIKEN calls for gov’t response to rising industrial energy costs

EVIKEN, the Association of Industrial Energy Consumers, has called for a firm government response to rising energy costs in a harshly worded statement claiming a conscious effort is being made to undermine the Greek industrial sector’s aim of increasing its contribution to the country’s GDP, employment and investments.

Though the main power utility PPC has not been directly criticized in the EVIKEN statement, the complaints are unquestionably aimed at the utility’s board.

In its statement, the industrial energy consumers association contends an attempt is being made to end institutionalized discounts that are based on consumer profiles and operating costs at the main power utility PPC. EVIKEN also notes the power utility is seeking to impose unjustified tariff hikes.

Any demands for further cost increases, which would add to the already increased CO2 emission right costs faced by industrial enterprises, are unsubstantiated and inappropriate, while an attempt to abolish industrial tariff discounts is discriminatory, EVIKEN notes.

“We call upon the government and prime minister to take appropriate decisions so that the industrial sector’s recovery effort and target for employment growth are not endangered,” the statement concludes.