European Parliament ETS decision vital for grid upgrade

The country’s serious electricity capacity issues exposed by the recent energy crisis has once again brought to the fore wider discussion on the need for an upgraded energy system, especially in electricity production.

The crisis highlighted the need to start shaping medium-term plans now in order to avoid a repeat. Of course, the necessary funds for investments to upgrade the country’s electricity production sector are a prerequisite.

The main power utility PPC has proposed that planning gets underway ahead of the imminent concluding talks for revisions to the EU Emissions Trading System covering 2021 to 2030. European Parliament is scheduled to  reach final decisions on February 15.

According to PPC, the fulfillment of its position on carbon emission allowances – the utility is seeking free rights – would significantly contribute to the effort to upgrade Greece’s energy system.

The utility has pointed out that the recent energy crisis exposed the energy system’s weak spots. The crisis highlighted the pivotal role played by the country’s lignite-fired power stations and hydropower units, the need to schedule coal mining production, as well as the need for effective coordination of energy production units entering and exiting the system. The crisis also exposed interconnection insufficiencies and the energy supply security dangers these caused, as was the case for the wider region. The system’s inability to rely on natural gas and renewable energy production was also highlighted by the experience.