EU leaders agree on common natural gas purchases at summit

EU leaders have agreed, on yesterday’s first day of a two-day summit in Brussels, on some emergency measures needed to curb high energy prices, actions including common natural gas purchases for greater bargaining power, solidarity agreements, as well as rules to come into effect should gas supply to Europe be seriously disrupted.

In addition, two different models aiming to curb energy prices are being worked on, one concerning TTF benchmark revisions, the other a price cap on gas used to produce electricity, European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen informed.

The European Commission president stressed: “There was strong will to reach an agreement in order to lower energy prices,” adding “different member states have different priorities”.

She was responding to a question from the Athens-Macedonian News Agency enquiring why a considerable amount of time was needed to reach agreements on the first day of the summit, and whether some member states could be criticized for placing emphasis on their own interests at a time when the EU is encountering an energy crisis.