European Commission energy sector proposals due tomorrow

The European Commission’s “winter package”, a series of proposals representing an effort to modernize Europe’s energy system, is expected to include legal framework revision proposals aiming to normalize conditions in the sector and provide growth potential. At this stage, many issues remain unresolved. Even so, the “winter package” is expected to be published tomorrow.

One detail drawing plenty of attention concerns the wording and terms to be employed by the European Commission to define energy storage. The prefered definition, according to a text that has been leaked, will allow for the use and storage of hydrogen-based systems.

The “winter package” also includes incentives for services offering flexibility, the aim being to boost energy storage and promote the development of small-scale RES production.

The text also notes that operators will not be able to own, develop or operate energy storage facilities.

Energy firms have protested the practice of network usage double charges, or fees paid to load and unload energy storage units. Energy firms argue that the same rules do not apply for all European markets. The European Commision is not expected to offer specific solutions at this stage. Its response, based on the text made available, is limited to a request for fair practices in all markets for all energy storage technologies.