Brussels opposes Greek export limit plan for NOME electricity

The European Commission has expressed its opposition to a plan by RAE, Regulatory Authority for Energy, aiming to limit exports of electricity amounts acquired at Greece’s NOME auctions – following an energy exchange recommendation in a public consultation procedure – but notes certain exceptions would be permitted, in a letter forwarded to the authority.

Brussels reminds RAE restricting free trade is forbidden by the EU, while adding European courts have made clear that, besides certain quantitative restrictions, trade restrictions implemented as official state policy are not permitted.

Greek authorities have been asked to prove if the NOME export limits being contemplated could qualify as exceptions.

RAE, in related talks expected soon with European Commission authorities, intends to highlight the need for NOME export limits and will be hoping for an agreement ahead of the first auction in 2019.

The Brussels letter’s first part focuses on EU concerns over China’s presence in the Greek energy market.