Euroasia takes Crete grid link case to supreme court

Euroasia Interconnector, a consortium of Cypriot interests heading a PCI-status grid interconnection to link the Greek, Cypriot and Israeli systems, has escalated its legal action against Greek power grid operator IPTO amid their dispute for control of the Greek segment’s development, planned to link Crete with Athens.

Euroasia has stepped up its legal action by filing a case to the Council of State, Greece’s Supreme Administrative Court, following a rejection by AEPP, the Authority for the Examination of Preliminary Appeals, reliable sources have informed energypress.

The Cypriot consortium is seeking to have an AEPP verdict overturned, which would disrupt related project tenders currently being held by Ariadne Interconnector, an IPTO subsidiary.

The case is scheduled to be heard on September 5, the sources noted, adding Greek authorities are in the process of making their legal preparations.

The recently appointed Greek energy minister Costis Hatzidakis has already made clear his intentions to not alter the project’s ongoing procedures, while also indicating a willingness for greater cooperation with the Cypriot side.