EU personal data protection rule to impede suppliers seeking gains

A new personal data protection rule to soon be introduced by the European Commission promises to provide a further obstacle for independent suppliers seeking to increase their share of Greece’s retail electricity market.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), a strict measure carrying hefty fines, is set to be implemented on May 25.

The regulation promises to severely restrict the ongoing efforts of independent power suppliers in Greece, which, amid intensifying competition generated by the liberalized power market, are relying heavily on telephone marketing practices, either alone or through commissioned call-center services, to lure new customers.

The new rule will forbid personal data from being used by enterprises if individuals have not previously provided their full consent.

Local company officials told energypress that the EU’s personal data protection initiative threatens to undermine the most effective tool available to independent suppliers for direct contact with prospective new customers – until they adjust to the new framework.

According to the rule, violators will face penalties reaching as much as 4 percent of company revenues.