EU ministers meet to fine-tune summit energy crisis measures

EU energy ministers, following up on last week’s EU summit, will tomorrow meet to discuss and fine-tune four packages of measures intended to ensure energy sufficiency during the winter of 2023-2024 and to tackle high prices.

A draft of the European Commission’s extraordinary plan has already been sent to the European Parliament.

EU ministers are already working intensely to put into definite shape measures agreed to by European leaders. Greek energy minister Kostas Skrekas is in Berlin for related consultation, as are ministers representing western Balkan countries.

A European Commission proposal has called for a boost in the level of natural gas to be stored away for the winter of 2023-2024, to 90 percent of capacity, up from 80 percent this coming winter.

Fears of an eventual complete disruption of Russian pipeline gas supply to Europe have prompted officials to decide on an elevated storage level.

Other measures include common EU gas purchases for greater purchasing power and prevention of bidding rivalry between fellow members; gas demand reduction, as part of Europe’s “Save Gas for a Safe Winter” campaign; the introduction of gas price-correction mechanisms; as well as solidarity agreements between EU partners.