EU Commission president Juncker does not see an agreement on Tuesday

European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker on Tuesday said that he sees an agreement with Greece, within “acceptable time limits” but not today. Speaking at the European Parliament plenary in Strasbourg, the European Commission president said that “negotiations in Europe continue until the last second” and added: “We have to sit again around a table and find a solution.” “The solution will not be found today, because if it was found today, it would be a simplistic solution. We must open the door for discussions and through understanding and acceptance of each other to correct the situation,” he explained and added: “In the temple of European democracy, I do not accept the Greek government to call the representatives of the institutions terrorists. These things are unacceptable in Europe. We have all tried to avoid the situation we are right now.” “This afternoon, we will meet again and will try through negotiations to make progress and to end up to an agreed solution,” he underlined. Juncker reiterated that the ball is clearly in Greece’s court. “They must explain to us their views and how we will get out of this complicated situation,” he said. “On behalf of the European Commission, the president is willing to do whatever is possible in order to reach an agreement within acceptable time limits