EPA Attiki’s talks for power market entry ‘still preliminary’

The gas supply company EPA Attiki, covering the wider Athens area, has held talks with all local electricity market players, to establish partnerships for combined gas-and-electricity package offers to consumers, but they remain at a preliminary stage, an EPA Attiki official has informed.

“We have held discussion with all of the market players but, at this stage, don’t have anything yet,” the EPA Attiki official noted. “These talks will have matured a year-and-a-half from now, when the gas market for supply to households is liberalized on January 1, 2018,” the official added.

Talks, at this stage, are being held on equal terms with all market players, the EPA Attiki official contended, who denied any preferences.

ELPE (Hellenic Petroleum) holds a stake in DEPA, the Public Gas Corporation, which, in turn, holds a 51 percent equity share of EPA Attiki.

The potential moves at EPA Attiki will depend on market conditions and the maneuvering of rival firms, the EPA Attiki official said. “If others choose to enter our territory we will examine how to respond,” the official said.

EPA Attiki ranks as a prime candidate to also move into Greece’s retail electricity market as it already backed by an extensive network of representatives and a considerable client base.

EPA Attiki is interested in further developing its gas network in the eastern part of wider of Athens, which has developed considerably over the past decade or so, primarily as a result of the Athens International Airport’s relocation to the area.

As part of the network extension plan, EPA Attiki has already submitted an application to utilize new EU strategic framework funding money. If these funds are made available, EPA Attiki anticipates that investments worth 30 million euros will be unlocked.