EPA Attiki preparing to offer combined power and gas packages

EPA Attiki, a subsidiary of DEPA, the Public Gas Corporation, is gearing up for the full liberalization of Greece’s gas market, to take effect next January, which will enable households to choose gas suppliers.

Gas market reforms already implemented currently allow industrial enterprises and major-scale businesses to select their gas suppliers. Industrial clients were left free to choose gas suppliers at the beginning of 2016, while major-scale business customers were offered this right at the beginning of this year.

EPA Attiki plans to offer household customers combined electricity-and-gas energy packages.

The company is now working its way through licensing procedures that will enable it to begin operating in the electricity market, already fully liberalized, as an independent supplier, without partners.

Originally founded by parent company DEPA as a supply subsidiary covering the wider Athens area, EPA Attiki has now gained independence amid the gas market reforms.

EPA Attiki’s initial objective, in its new life, is to enter the retail electricity market and follow up the entry by improving its services in anticipation of intensifying competition.

Interestingly, in its new role, EPA Attiki will compete against DEPA’s other EPA subsidiaries, initially established to supply gas to regions besides Athens, as well as its parent company DEPA, which still holds 51 percent stakes in the country’s existing EPA firms.