EPA Attiki to offer gas-electricity packages, energy savings services

EPA Attiki, a wider Athens gas supplier preparing to also enter the electricity market, as was highlighted by yesterday’s issuance of an electricity supply license by RAE, the Regulatory Authority for Energy, plans to offer combined gas-and-electricity packages to customers as of January.

These combined packages will also include energy savings services for households, buildings and businesses, based on expertise gained by energy firms in other parts of Europe. Major European partners are expected to join EPA Attiki for its new venture. These partners will soon be announced, the company has informed.

RAE has granted EPA Attiki a 20-year electricity supply license permitting the trade of 400 MW per year.

Originally founded by parent company DEPA, the Public Gas Corporation, as a gas supply subsidiary covering the wider Athens area, EPA Attiki will gain full independence as of 2018 as a result of the country’s gas market reforms.

The company is now preparing to launch an intensive campaign to promote its gas-and-electricity combined packages.