Environmental permit delays for storage units up to 100 MW

Investors seeking to obtain environmental permits for energy storage units with capacities of up to 100 MW, after having secured project licenses, are experiencing delays.

This problem has arisen as prospective energy storage units of up to 100 MW have been placed in a second-tier category lacking a standardized formula for environmental permits. As a result, regional administrations around the country are each following separate procedures as they see fit.

The energy ministry issued a circular just weeks ago seeking to straighten out the issue, noting environmental reports concerning energy storage projects should lead to environmental permits, but some regional administrations have remained wary.

On the contrary, investors behind bigger energy storage projects, are not experiencing delays and are completing their environmental permit procedures, sources told energypress.

Investors in this category are moving ahead with energy storage projects to offer capacities of between 200 and 220 MW and have submitted connection-term applications to power grid operator IPTO.