Ministry may abolish environmental permits for 500 kw-1 MW solar parks

Solar energy projects with capacities of between 500 kw and 1 MW could be exempted from environmental permits as part of a wider effort aiming to simplify RES licensing procedures for investors, energypress sources have informed.

This prospect essentially represents the implementation of an energy and environment ministry measure announced this week to drastically hasten the processing time of environmental permits for projects in highly protected areas.

Projects included in high-protection categories A1 and A2 are planned to be downgraded to category B, featuring less demanding environmental permit rules.

Under current regulations, investors are exempted from environmental permits only for solar projects of up to 500 kW.

Also this week, the ministry announced a decision to abolish the need for production licenses, replacing them with simpler online certification through a single information system. Ministry officials are striving for a launch of the new information system towards the end of 2020.