Energy Transition Fund in 2022 estimated between €1.5-2m

The country’s Energy Transition Fund is estimated to reach a value worth between 1.5 and 2 billion euros in 2022, its funds stemming from CO2 emission right auction revenues, RES special account cuts, as well as the green fund.

These three sources will also be used to fund electricity subsidy support planned for February. Consumers are expected to receive a similar total amount to 395 million euros worth of subsidies offered in January. Details to the government’s electricity subsidy package for February are now being finalized.

Electricity subsidies for the household category are likely to be lower in February, compared to January, as the average wholesale electricity price in January fell to 227.30 euros per MWh from 235.38 euros in December.

It remains unclear if the government will take into account power outages experienced during and after last week’s snowstorm by thousands of households, in some cases over many days, for its subsidy support package covering February.