Energy storage totaling 3 GW needed by 2030, study shows

Energy storage systems offering a total capacity of 3 GW, including pumped storage stations, will need to be installed by 2030, according to the results of an energy sufficiency study, power grid operator IPTO’s vice president Giannis Margaris has told an energy storage conference.

This projection’s calculations are based on two key assumptions, a 30-GW green portfolio in Greece by the end of this decade, triple the current capacity of 10 GW, as well as the launch of all planned thermal power stations by then, according to the IPTO official.

It has already become clear that energy storage units would not be financially sustainable under current conditions in terms of cost, investment cost and economic factors, meaning support mechanisms will be required to maintain these energy storage facilities, the IPTO official noted.

On the other hand, as was noted by the IPTO vice president, the contribution of energy storage to energy sufficiency will be crucial.