EU directive for electricity market to bring about changes

Legislation of an EU directive from 2019 concerning electricity market regulations, whose features include establishing consumers as active players through an ability to sell self-produced electricity, and also providing the framework governing smart meter systems, is expected to be one of the energy ministry’s first legislative acts, if not first, in the new year, within the first two months.

Energy minister Costis Hatzidakis has assembled a team of lawmakers to adopt the EU directive as Greek law.

Active consumers selling their electricity output will be able to do so directly, on an individual basis, or through accumulated group representation.

Consumers will also be able to participate in, and benefit from,  flexibility and energy efficiency programs.

In addition, the new rules will enable active consumers to give third parties management rights – without any further powers – over related system installation, operation, maintenance and data management.

Other changes to result from the new rules include giving consumers active pricing policy rights through which agreements between supplier and consumer will reflect fluctuations in the electricity market, including the day-ahead and intraday markets.