Energy ministry submits series of amendments to Parliament

The Ministry of Environment, Energy & Climate Change has added a series of amendments concerning various pending energy-sector issues to a bill for the ratification of hydrocarbon exploration and exploitation deals at three locations along western Greece – Gulf of Patras, Katakolo, and Ioannina. The bill is scheduled for Parliamentary discussion today.

The amendments concern renewable energy sources (RES), public service compensation (YKO), the privatization of general mining and metallurgical firm Larco, hydrocarbon exploration in Prinos, northern Greece, and the environment.

A 500-KW ceiling has been included for the installed capacity of photovoltaic self-production, along with a series of lower-level limits depending on each producer’s category.

Also included in the amendments is a passage granting a deadline extension for letters of guarantee that need to be submitted by RES producers, primarily those involved with wind-energy parks, who have been granted investment licenses. The deadline has been reset from May 1, 2014 to January 1, 2015.

Assessment priority will also be given to applications submitted until December 31, 2015, for issues such as production licenses, approval of environmental terms, and biomass, biogas, or bio-liquid power-production stations to be launched under the responsibility of Solid Waste Management Agencies, or representatives granted equivalent powers.

The bill also includes priority rights for the distribution of available capacity by operators in cases where absorption margins exist in saturated networks, as well as for biomass, biogas and bio-liquid power-producing stations submitting full portfolios for connections by December 31, 2014.