New boss at CRES, energy efficiency and renewables authority

Vassilis Tsolakidis, a bio-architect, has been appointed new president of the board at CRES, the Center for Renewable Energy Sources and Savings, locally known as KAPE, following a decision by Production Reconstruction, Environment and Energy Minister Panagiotis Lafazanis.

Previously, Tsolakidis had served as a consultant for various companies, offering guidance in construction through the use of natural materials, energy efficiency and renewable energy source (RES) matters. Further back, he also held top posts at companies such as Eurobau-Ytong, Eco-Energy, and Egypt’s Delta Sand Brick Co.

Vassilis Kilias, a geologist, was appointed as the new head’s deputy. Prior to his latest post, Kilias was in charge of the Energy Planning Support Systems division at CRES.

CRES is the Greek national entity for the promotion of renewable energy sources, rational use of energy and energy conservation.